Is your Business Ready for Next Year? How to Prepare Now for 2022!
[Live Webinar] 
We will discuss...

>What steps to take now to better prepare for 2022?
>How to assess for possible projects to improve business processes and efficiencies?
>What to consider for business infrastructure growth?
>What your next 12 months of business planning should look like. 

Join us as we discuss steps you should be taking NOW to prepare for 2022?

Thursday, Nov 18th, 2021

@ 1:00 PM PST

Michael Kanet

Owner/President, iTernal Networks

Things you need to have in place BEFORE the webinar...
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Prepare your questions! We will be having a Q&A session toward the end of the webinar and we want to be able to answer specific questions you may have.  

MAKE SURE TO ATTEND LIVE! We will be giving out a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky live attendee! 

BE ON TIME and ready to learn.  This is free and 100% voluntary and we want everyone to be ready to talk more about the hot topic of latest threats of Cybersecurity Breaches in the News.

P.S. Can't make the live webinar, we'll send you the replay link.
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