What Happens After a Cyber Attack? [Live Webinar] 
We will discuss...

>How businesses can get more resilient to attacks, before such an event happen?
>How a security breach can pose a serious threat to your businesses? 
>What steps to take during a breach?
>When to deploy your cyber incident response plan?
>What happens to your business after a cyber attack?
>How cyber insurance can protect your businesses from the impact of a cyber attack?
>Do you have backup data stored safely in the cloud, do you have redundancy or duplication build into your systems, so if one gets taken down, you can spool back up another? 

Your business may be small
but the potential cyber threat to it is not.

Thursday, Oct 28th, 2021

@ 1:00 PM PST

Michael Kanet

Owner/President, iTernal Networks

Andy Anderson

CEO/ Co-Founder, Datastream Insurance

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